Monday, April 16, 2012

Travel Contiki Vacations! No better way to plan a trip for 18-35 year olds.

It's 80 degrees in Rochester with a forecast of 56 tomorrow. Is this enough
motivation to start thinking about summer? With graduation only weeks away I
myself started thinking about my post-RIT plans. I never had the opportunity to study
abroad, something that was always a dream of mine. The timing was never right and
I didn’t want to risk postponing graduating on time. I was talking with my friend about
backpacking through Europe and I eventually started to do research and begin planning
my trip. After several weeks I just found myself more confused, and the cost of this trip
increasing exponentially.

Then I was introduced to Contiki Travels. Not only do they plan everything for
you, but they also provide you with guided tours. They do all of the hard parts for you;
like planning the hotels, and what the best spots to go to and they offer over 200
itineraries in more than 40 different countries!

I then started comparing their plans with my own, and I was saving hundreds of
dollars by traveling with Contiki instead of booking on my own. Plus they know about all
of the local treasures that I wouldn’t normally discover on my own. Plus they offer you
the opportunity to meet people from other cultures, not just the ones that you are visiting;
but your fellow travelers that are from other countries.

I decided that I needed to tell my friends about Contiki and they want to go with
me, which is cool because when you travel with friends you all get extra discounts! The
more friends that you go with the better the deal! So how about you go check them out
at or follow the conversation on Twitter #ContikiPRSSA

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  1. Whether or not you believe backpacking is “so 1997,” (it’s not) it doesn’t change the fact that Contiki is NOT cheaper than independent travel, and I found it completely disingenuous they even tried to make that point (twice!). oxford taxi