Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Untangle Your Life" Stress Buster Event

Well, finals week came around again last quarter and wouldn't you know ..... it was not pretty! But who (other than some naive freshmen) hasn't come to expect a packed Week 11 when your "social life" turns into "no life" and where you can literally feel the stress weighing down on your shoulders? Enter PRSSA. (To the rescue.)

We decided to host a fun stress buster event in partnership with Wiggio (, a life saving online tool for helping students organize assignments, upcoming events & deadlines, and filter all communications into one channel for collaborating with fellow team members for group projects, clubs/organizations or work. We set up speakers, gave out FREE pizza, provided sidewalk chalk, bubbles, face painting and of course held an epic Twister tournament. Many local restaurants and companies helped us out by donating amazing prizes for our event, like gift cards from Lovin' Cup, Joe's Crab Shack and Pickle Nicks, as well as a set of their famous barbecue sauces from Buffalo Wild Wings.

We had a full afternoon of fun right in front of the idyllic tiger statue and even got one woman to spin who remembers growing up with Twister long before TVs were around! (She took no mercy on the students -- competition was fierce).

If you missed out at the end of Fall Quarter between your finals, fear not! PRSSA will be back again this Winter Quarter to save the week. Watch out for exciting upcoming events and activities!

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